A Distressed Dental Filling Needs Professional Treatment

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A small defect that affects a tooth’s enamel layer can often be treated with a simple dental filling. This is a common method for addressing a small cavity or minor dental fracture.

After it has been secured to the surrounding tooth enamel the dental filling will effectively restore the function and structural integrity of the tooth. This will also help to seal the area to prevent oral bacteria from causing a new cavity.

As time passes inconsistent oral hygiene practices can sometimes weaken the connection with the dental filling and the adjacent tooth enamel. Early signs that this has started to happen you might notice a change in the surface texture of the tooth as well as increasing tooth sensitivity.

If you have noticed a change in a previously treated tooth it’s best to have it examined as soon as possible by an experienced dentist like Dr. Troy Walton. If the distressed dental filling is small he might be able to replace it with a fresh dental filling.

In a case where the distressed dental filling is large, or an active area of tooth decay has developed in the surrounding tooth enamel he might need to perform a dental crown restoration. This will essentially replace the natural tooth enamel with another durable material.

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