A Fast-Paced Lifestyle Can Harm Your Smile

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If you have a fast-paced lifestyle, then you need to be aware of the health of your smile. Unfortunately, this kind of lifestyle can severely harm the teeth and gums, and our dentist, Dr. Troy Walton, encourages you to do all you can to maintain a top-notch oral health each and every day.

One of the main reasons why a fast-paced lifestyle is dangerous for the smile is because you oftentimes don’t have time to eat solid meals. In fact, when you’re hungry, you often settle for foods found in the vending machine, at the gas station, or even at the drive-thru. These foods usually have zero nutritional value and are oftentimes loaded with sugar and acid. Because of your fast-paced life, tooth-healthy foods, like fruits, vegetables, and dairy products, aren’t found in your meal plan too often. If you’re not careful, you could suffer enamel erosion and cavities. The best thing you can do is pack your breakfast, lunch, and dinner beforehand and try to eat as many tooth-healthy foods as possible.

The last tip our dentist would like to share is to strengthen your tooth enamel as often as you can with fluoride. It’s best to brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, rinse with fluoride mouthwash, receive professional fluoride treatments every six months, and drink tap water. You can also help your teeth by placing fluoride toothpaste along the gumline and letting it soak while you sleep at night. This can help you make sure you have the fluoride exposure you need.

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