A Mouth Guard Can Protect Your Smile

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If you or your child plays sports, our dentist may recommend a mouth guard.

What Are Mouth Guards?
A sports mouth guard is worn over the teeth to protect the teeth and soft tissues from blows to the face and head during sports. A sports mouth guard typically covers the upper teeth to shield the wearer from broken teeth, cut lips, or another injury to the mouth. A mouth guard should be worn by anyone who participates in sports that involve falls, body contact, or flying equipment, like basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, or gymnastics.

What Are the Types of Mouth Guards?
The mouth guard you choose should be resilient and comfortable. There are three main types of mouth guards:

– Stock Mouth Guards – These mouth guards are preformed and ready to use. They are inexpensive, but they don’t fit as well as other mouth guards. Stock mouth guards are bulky, so breathing and talking may be hard.
– Boil & Bite Mouth Guards – These mouth guards are fitted to your smile in the comfort of home. The mouth guard is boiled in water and then by biting down into the plastic, a customized fit is achieved. Boil and bite mouth guards can be bought at many sporting goods stores.
– Custom-Made Mouth Guards – These mouth guards are provided at Redwood Dental. As custom-made mouth guards are fitted by a professional, they provide the most comfortable fit and the most protection. Dr. Troy Walton will take an impression of your teeth so that the mouth guard can be made specifically for you.

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