Children With Longer Faces Are More Likely To Have a Harder Time Breathing

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Did you know that some facial features are more prone to have enlarged and swollen tonsils than others? According to the research article, “Cranio-facial morphology in children with and without enlarged tonsils”, children with enlarged tonsils had more retrognathic and posteriorly inclined mandibles, larger anterior total and lower facial heights, and larger mandibular plane angles.

In summary, children with longer faces are more likely to have a harder time breathing because of enlarged tonsils due to mouth breathing at night and/or during the day when the nose is underdeveloped.

Thankfully, at Redwood Dental we have the technology and training to screen for facial underdevelopment and improve craniofacial growth, promoting normal growth and development and allowing nasal breathing and potential reduction in tonsils.

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