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Dr. Troy Walton and our team are committed to detecting problem areas in your smile before they can cause significant harm to your smile. During your next appointment, we may utilize telescopic loupes to enhance our vision while we care for your smile.

A telescopic loupe is a pair of special eyeglasses that our dentist wears that look like small telescopes. This device includes magnifiers that allow Dr. Troy Walton to see the fine details of your teeth and gums that could otherwise go unnoticed by the naked eye. Telescopic loupes can enhance vision 1.5x to 6x the normal capability, which is highly beneficial when providing an oral exam or delivering detailed dental care. Telescopic loupes are often used to help identify developing areas of gingivitis (the beginning stage of gum disease) and tooth decay before they become easily visible to the eye.

Viewing the small cracks and crevices of your smile allows our dentist and team to deliver prompt and more accurate dental care, which can help you achieve a healthier smile faster. You can learn more about the benefits of using telescopic loupes in Providence, Utah, by contacting Redwood Dental at 435-755-6562 or speaking with our dentist at your next appointment.