Dentistry Topics for Beginners: Dental Bridges

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Are you aware that there are more tooth prosthetic options available to you beyond what we commonly think of? Although common prosthetics such as dentures can be effective at replacing lost or missing teeth, they are temporary and need to be removed on a nightly basis for cleaning and care.

However, permanent treatments do exist, including dental bridges. Dental bridges, also frequently referred to as fixed partial dentures, are tooth prosthetics designed to replace missing teeth with durable treatments that are permanently affixed to your mouth. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from your dental bridges:

– Dental bridges can drastically improve abilities hindered by missing teeth, including chewing, eating, and speaking skills.
– Dental bridges improve oral health by removing issues involved with plaque buildup between teeth and can eradicate conditions involving gum destabilization.
– If you have any concerns about space maintenance and teeth that are improperly spaced, dental bridges can be used to help prevent further tooth slippage associated with gaps in your smile
– Dental bridges are extremely effective for correcting issues associated with an incomplete smile.
– Dental bridges can help stabilize problems with bite stability.
– If you suffer from any misalignments or bite issues associated with malocclusions, dental bridges can be used to distribute bite force evenly amongst all teeth.
– To upgrade the look of your smile, it is important to complete your dental profile by filling in all missing gaps with prosthetics such as dental bridges.

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