How Mouth Breathing Is Bad For You

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man breathing through mouth, working at home computer

Did you know that mouth breathing is bad? Well, it is! Our bodies function best when we breathe through our noses because it cleans, warms, and humidifies the air before entering the lungs. As the air passes through our noses, it mixes with nitric oxide, which helps with oxygen exchange in our lungs and kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

When we breathe through our mouths, none of the above happens. Our mouths become drier as we breathe through it, changing the microbiome. This increases gingivitis, periodontitis, tooth decay, and bad breath. In addition, a chronic mouth-breathing child will develop a longer face and smaller jaws resulting in crowded and crooked teeth.

A chronic mouthing-breathing child turns into a chronic mouth-breathing adult that is more prone to snoring, sinus problems, and other detrimental conditions. They also are at a higher risk for obstructive sleep apnea.

Thankfully, there are aids and treatments available to manage and reverse these problems. Please contact us to learn more.