How much do dental procedures cost?

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A commonly asked questions we hear is how much something cost. This question is very difficult to answer because there are so many variables going into a price. Some of the major variables includes materials used, difficulty of the procedure, and time needed.

For example, if someone was to ask how much a filling costs an answer would not be able to be given until we know the number of surfaces are involved and the depth of the decay. We as dentists assign 5 surfaces to the tooth. When more surfaces are involved the difficulty, time needed and price increases.

Another example is when a crown is needed. There are a number of different material choices like base metal, gold, porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, lithium disilicate, or zirconia crowns just to name a few. Each material offers different benefits in strength, wear, durability, abrasiveness, price, and beauty; therefore, one crown cannot fit all situations or requirements.

One last example I want to share with you is that of an extraction. Without the use of “x-ray vision” a dentist simply cannot know how difficult and extraction will be. There are variabilities in root shape and size, bone density, and ligament space which are not visible just by looking in the mouth.

In summary, in order to arrive at a price, a diagnosis and treatment plan need to be made. We at Redwood Dental will do our best to give you a correct diagnosis, a treatment plan, and timely treatment.