Information About Nitrous Oxide Treatments

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If you suffer from stress or anxiety due to dentistry treatments or even from visiting the dentist office, fortunately, there are many treatment methods available in our modern world to aid you. Aside from meditation and other stress relievers, frequent sufferers of dental anxiety and dental phobias often turn to sedation dentistry. Within sedation dentistry, varying levels of treatments in dosages can be given ranging from mile relaxants to deep sedatives. One of those popular forms of sedation dentistry is nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is used in sedation dentistry to help individuals who require a mild sedative. Nitrous oxide in combination with oxygen, produces a gas known as laughing gas, which is safe enough to use for all patients and will wear off rather quickly. In fact, laughing gas is the only sedative in dentistry which is safe enough to allow a patient to drive themselves home after treatment.

Nitrous oxide as a part of inhaled sedation is administered by directly breathing through a mask apparatus that fits over your nose and mouth. Typical effects range from mild relaxation to a calmer more comforting feeling of euphoria. Although the effect can make an individual feel light-headed, there are no permanent effects of using laughing gas.

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