Learning About Root Canals

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A root canal is probably one of the most misunderstood procedures in all of dentistry. It’s associated with pain, discomfort, and unhealthy teeth. That’s all true, but what’s also true is just how easy it is to avoid needing a root canal in the first place.

So in an effort to help you become more educated on the topic, we put this post together. We’ll take a look at the different situations in which a root canal is utilized. After reading this, you should know if you need a root canal or not.

What is it?
A root canal is a procedure when a dentist removes infected pulp from inside of your teeth. The pulp is the living bundle of nerves and blood vessels that literally make your teeth live. If you keep the infected pulp in your teeth, that tooth will die, as will others around it.

When do I need it?
The only time that Dr. Troy Walton will recommend a root canal is if there’s no other way to save your tooth. Taking that pulp out kills your tooth. That’s as dangerous as it sounds, but it’s usually the only choice to remove infection completely.

What happens next?
If you end up coming into Redwood Dental here in Providence, Utah, for a root canal, then you’ll have a few options as to what you do next. Usually you’ll need a new tooth to replace the one that had a root canal. A crown or bridge is often enough to restore your tooth, though an implant may be used in some cases.

Regardless of what you need, we’re here to help. Give us a call today at 435-755-6562 for more information.