Preparing Your Smile for Root Canals

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When deciding which treatments are needed to restore or repair a tooth, root canal treatments are frequently used as a last resort to save teeth. When teeth are injured, it is important to take heed of what level of damage has been done. If the pulp has been damaged to the point of failure, it must be taken out, or the rest of the tooth will fail and need to be extracted as well.

A key cause of pulp inflammation and damage is due to oral accidents and injuries. Typically, an oral accident that has left you with cracked, chipped, fractured, or split teeth will damage your pulp as well, or leave it vulnerable to future damage.  Future pulp damage arises because bacteria can easily get to the root if the tooth enamel has been breached. Pulp infections can still arise even if the cracks and breaches cannot be seen in your teeth.

Another likely cause of pulp infection is the result of deep cavities that have gone untreated and burrowed all the way down to the root of a tooth. If this occurs, a dental filling will not be enough to save a tooth if the pulp is already damaged. At this stage, a root canal must be used to save the tooth.

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