Healthy Tooth Enamel Helps Maintain White Teeth

The surface texture of your tooth enamel is microscopically porous. When you consume dark beverages or use tobacco products, microscopic dark particles can adhere to the surface textures of your teeth. If they are not removed by your daily brushing and flossing efforts these minor dental stains can start to saturate deeper into the pores of your tooth enamel. This... read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Tooth Decay

Tooth decay happens plaque materializes on your teeth and generates acid which then burrows into your tooth enamel. This can eventually create serious dental problems, such as cavities, gum disease or abscesses. Tooth decay occurs a little bit every day, but unless it has advanced, we can hardly detect it. If decay has evolved to the point of a cavity,... read more »

Cavity Prevention on Back Teeth Can Be Possible with Dental Sealants

The molars in the back of your mouth are characteristically used to do a substantial amount of chewing and grinding the foods you eat. Some people have especially cavernous textures on the biting surfaces of these teeth. For these individuals, some food residue and bacterial plaque can become ensnared in these spaces despite their best brushing exertions. Without some form... read more »