The Benefits of Mouthwash

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Did you know you should include rinsing with mouthwash in your oral hygiene routine? Well, it’s true. This is because rinsing can benefit you, your smile and your oral health in a myriad of ways. Our dentist, Dr. Troy Walton, is happy to tell you all about mouthwash by explaining the benefits involved. This might help you understand why rinsing with mouthwash is recommended. The benefits of rinsing with mouthwash include:

-Fluoride mouthwash strengthens the teeth: This can help you avoid cavities and even tooth cracks. This is because the fluoride seeps into the teeth and strengthens the enamel, making it a hard shell that resists bacteria. It’s important to expose your smile to fluoride regularly and rinsing with fluoride mouthwash is a great way to do so.

-Antibacterial mouthwash cleans the mouth: This is because it kills the bacteria. This is very important because plaque, which is a form of bacteria, needs to be removed from the smile regularly. The mouthwash can help you do so daily.

-Mouthwash freshens the breath: Everyone wants fresh and pristine breath. If you’re heading out the door, if you want to eliminate a bad taste in the mouth, or if you just want fresher breath, just rinse for a minute or so and your breath will be as good as new!

Now that you know the benefits of mouthwash, make sure to include rinsing in your oral hygiene routine. If you rinse with antibacterial or fluoride mouthwash that has been approved by the ADA daily, your smile and oral health can be greatly benefitted. Do you have any questions about mouthwash in Providence, Utah? If so, please contact Redwood Dental at 435-755-6562. Our dental team will be thrilled to help you.