TMJ Disorder: The Facts

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By now you know most of the things you can do to enjoy a healthy smile. The essentials of brushing and flossing your teeth every day build a strong foundation for good oral health. However, would you be surprised to hear that a number of everyday issues could actually impact your oral health? For instance, did you know that stress might actually cause bruxism and TMJ disorder?

Bruxism, which is known as teeth grinding, might lead to a number of serious problems including unevenly worn teeth.  If your pearly whites aren’t even, you might have a hard time cleaning your teeth as well as you should. Bruxism might also cause TMJ disorder.

You see, your TMJ attaches your upper and lower jaw and controls your jaw’s movement. If your TMJ is hurt, you might not be able to open or close your jaw completely. You could hear a popping noise when you’re moving your jaw. If you experience any of these problems, we can examine your condition and examine the treatment options that are available. Another common choice is wearing a custom mouthpiece. There are other alternatives you might want to consider, such as exercise, taking medications, and reducing your stress.

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