Which Drinks Could Impact Your Oral Health

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You may have been told that there are some steps you should take if you want to keep your teeth healthy and strong. In fact, you may already know that there are several things you’ll need to avoid doing to keep your teeth clean. Still, have you heard that some of your favorite drinks could impact your oral health?

For instance, did you know that drinking alcohol could actually hurt your oral health? In reality, alcohol irritates gums, which might eventually lead to dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. Unfortunately, if your gums are unhealthy, they cannot support your pearly whites properly—which means they might eventually fall out.

Other drinks, such as tea and coffee, can also cause some dental issues. For instance, have you heard that tea, coffee, and dark soda can all stain your pearly whites? If you can’t function without a daily cup of coffee, you might try adding milk, which can prevent staining. Finally, if you want to drink tea but don’t want it to affect the color of your teeth, we suggest drinking a lighter tea.
Wine might also stain your pearly whites. You may want to try choosing white wine instead of red wine because it’s much less likely to stain your smile. Still, please note that red wine could reduce your gums inflammation which can reduce your chances of having gum disease.

Fortunately, you don’t have to give up your favorite drinks forever. However, if you’re worried about tooth discoloration, or would like to learn more about the impact of your favorite drinks in Providence, Utah, please feel free to give Redwood Dental a call at 435-755-6562. Our dentist, Dr. Troy Walton, and the rest of our dental team will gladly address any concerns you may have. We’re eager to hear from you!